Mac Fortner
                                           Author and Song Writer
Mac Fortner was born in Evansville Indiana. He lived in the Philippine Islands for a year and a half and Viet Nam for a year while serving his country as a Helicopter Crew Chief/Door Gunner.
Mac started writing songs as a young boy and still enjoys doing so. His songs are actually short stories so he decided to convert them into books adding suspense and humor to the plots.
Mac's first novel is RUM CITY BAR.
                               RUM CITY BAR
Look out parrot heads there's a new Margaritaville in town.

​Join Sunny Ray as he heads to Nashville to become a country music star. His arrival doesn't go as planned. Murder, drugs and beautiful women lead him in a heart-pounding chase south to the Florida Keys.Tormented, he has to put his dream of becoming a star on hold.Looking over his shoulder every step of the way for the relentless drug lord that has a score to settle with him, he takes a life changing cruise into another dimension and lands on Rumora- an Island where the natives worship music and rum. There Sunny is told he will have to rely on an old friend to save his life, but there aren't any around; or are there? Diving deeper into the under world Sunny finds he can count on ghosts from the past and  friends from a new world. 
Humor, suspense and sex make Sunny a friend you'll want more of.
Readers say, "A good Beach Read"
                     About Mac
​                                   KNEE DEEP

Cam Derringer, Key Wests most unlikely hero, is risking it all to find the men responsible for his wife's disappearance five years ago. The path to justice  leads him through a tangled web of murder, terrorism, love and deceit. 
He finds that his new love interest has lied about everything from her name to her game. 
Follow Cam through his worst nightmares to his eventual understanding of how the world really works when you don't always follow the rules. He's a hero you'll pull for to save our country from the men who we have appointed to protect it.

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​New from Mac Fortner

Its time to meet Cam Derringer. An ex-lawyer turned P.I. in Key West. This is book one in the life of the new American hero. A man, not unlike you and I, who finds himself thrown into the world of terrorist and injustice. He has to feel his way through a new life of fighting crime just to stay alive. You'll feel as though you are by his side as you travel together through the underworld. Come along with him as finds himself Knee Deep in deceit.